Colorado coaching legend reportedly fired because his football program was out of control

All the way back in January, Prep Rally first highlighted the story of former Mullen (Colorado) High football coach Dave Logan, a Colorado coaching legend who, in his 19-year career, won six state titles, including four during his time at Mullen.

But despite his sterling record on the field, he was suddenly fired at the beginning of the year for no apparent reason. The decision led to a public outcry that threatened the school's livelihood, as donors, who were giving upwards of five-figures a year, considered pulling out if Logan wasn't reinstated.

Needless to say it was a huge mess, but in the last couple of months things have died down and gotten back to normal. Tom Thenell was hired as the new coach and the story all but disappeared from the national radar.

At least that's the way it looked until the Denver Post reported earlier this week that the real story may be coming out, and there's more to it than the rumors of a coach losing his job because another school administrator was denied a position on Logan's coaching staff.

According the Denver Post's story, a source said the decision to fire Logan came down to the way he ran his program. As you can probably guess, the school wasn't pleased with the violations that had reportedly occurred under his watch.

The Catholic college-preparatory school on Friday alerted the Colorado High School Activities Association of several possible rules violations that took place on Logan's watch, said sources familiar with a Mullen briefing to staff and others.

Among the potentially problematic issues: improper player recruitment, misrepresentations about tuition obligations and unauthorized fundraising.

Of course, Logan has vehemently denied the allegations, after the school had the Denver law firm Holland and Hart conduct a three-week investigation into what occurred during Logan's time at Mullen.

"I have tried to take the high road," Logan told the Denver Post. "I think this is a shot below the belt and an intentional smear campaign."

Logan has since moved on to a position as the head coach at Cherry Creek (Colorado) High, but these allegations, if true, could derail his coaching career for good.

There's no word yet on what action or steps the Colorado High School Activities Association will take, but based on the allegations (you can read more about them here), there's a good chance we could be hearing more about Logan and Mullen High in the news over the next few months.

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