Coach resigns after allegedly putting bounty on opposing player

Cameron Smith
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A Philadelphia-area coach has resigned after coming under fire for allegedly offering up a bounty for knocking an opposing team's star out of his team's football game.

According to the Associated Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, and other Philadelphia area sources, Morrisville (Pa.) High assistant football coach Jason Bresnen offered $100 to any of his players who could knock out the star running back for New Hope-Solesbury (Pa.) High during New Hope's 29-6 victory on Saturday. Though the player on whom Bresnen placed the bounty has not officially been revealed, New Hope running back Julian Kaminoff scored three touchdowns before Bresnen allegedly loudly declared to his players on the sideline that he would give $100 to anyone who knocked the player out of the game.

Bresnen resigned from his position as defensive coordinator on Thursday amid pressure from both the Morrisville School District and outside sources. Yet Bresnan also refused to admit that he placed an actual "bounty" on the head of an opposing player in an interview with The Courier Times.

"I told them that if you continue to hit [the player] and gang tackle him, I'll bet you $100 that we will wear him down," Bresnen told the New Jersey newspaper. "I would never tell them to hurt a player. I've been around sports all my life, coaching youth football and such. I would never do anything like that.

"Never would I tell a kid to deliberately hurt another player -- ever. I would never jeopardize that. I would never do anything to jeopardize a kid or his future."

Bresnen's account of his offer to Morrisville players flies in the face of original reports which came from New Hope-Solesbury parents who were working the stadium's sideline yardage chains during the game. They originally reported the statement to school officials, who then brought up the issue with Morrisville officials, and later with Bresnen himself.

While Bresnen's departure will likely end the possibility of any further recriminations from the event, he continued to defend his actions, but said that he needed to step aside to protect the Morrisville program, for which he played himself in the mid-1990s.

"I did mention $100, which was bad judgment on my part, but it was not in the context that those parents said it was," Bresnen told the Inquirer. "We wanted to get him out of the game. Getting him out of the game doesn't mean taking him out. It means wearing him down. You want to stop their leading rusher.

"If I didn't resign, I was going to be facing a suspension. They were going to take individual players and question them about what happened. I believe that would have been a huge distraction for the kids and the team. So I resigned, saying it was for personal reasons."

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