Cincinnati tennis squad comprised almost entirely by three sets of siblings

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

If two is a pair and three's a crowd, what, exactly, is three pairs? In the case of Indian Hills (Ohio) High, it forms the vast majority of a varsity girls tennis team.

As reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Indian Hills girls tennis team features three separate pairs of sisters. Senior Caroline and freshman Meredith Breda, Senior Brynn and freshman Maren McKenna and senior Nicole and sophomore Gabi Gibson all suit up as part of the starting squad for the Cincinnati Hills League title contender.

According to the interview you see above, recorded by the Indian Hill Journal, the Breda sisters and the Gibsons have played doubles matches as a true sister act, even though that hasn't been the team's most traditional lineup.

Interestingly, the team's top two singles players are both younger sisters, with the newcoming freshmen Meredith Breda and Maren McKenna filling the 1 and 2 slots in the Indian Hill rotation.

That's an impressive accomplishment for any newcomer, even if it might limit the opportunities either both Breda and McKenna might have to play alongside their older sisters.

At the end of the day, those concerns are insignificant compared to the teens' ability to suit up together on the same court. After all, with its current makeup, there's little question that the Indian Hills girls tennis squad is more unified than any team it'll face, based on bloodline alone, win or lose.

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