Canadian phenom captures headlines with 10-dunk AAU game

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Earlier this year, Canadian AAU star Jamar Ergas flew into the international spotlight when he threw down an incredible 360 dunk in a game. Now, the player being widely hyped as the best eighth-grader in North America may have one-upped himself, throwing down 10 dunks in a single game at a highly publicized tourney ... and hosting an impromptu one-man dunk showcase while using his teammates as props during another workout.

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As you can see above, plenty of Ergas' slams in his 40-point, single-game explosion came on one-man breakaways. Yet even those dunks often showcased Ergas' incredible leaping ability.

Then there is Ergas' backwards dunk at No. 2 on this ScoutsFocus list, showcasing not only Ergas' phenomenal athleticism but also his ability to intuitively adjust to the defense closing on him. It's fairly incredible that Ergas, at the tender age of 14, has the athleticism to throw down an impeccable reverse dunk with the ease of a layup. To do it out of necessity when facing defensive pressure is another impressive matter entirely.

"Canada keeps producing big-time players," Canada Grassroots AAU program headman Ro Russell told one Canadian scout. "If [Ergas] keeps developing his game, [he is] going to be one of the best ever."

As for his impromptu one-man dunk-off, check out the first couple plays in the video below. We're not saying that a middle schooler should ever be used in a high school dunk contest, but if ever there was a player who could make such a hypothetical contest interest, it might be Ergas.

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