Canadian junior hockey stretches turn into battle of Mighty Ducks vs. Braveheart

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

High school hockey season may have come to a close across the country, but that doesn't mean there isn't any great sub-NHL puck games to follow. In fact, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League playoffs are in full swing, where one of the league favorites -- Victoriaville -- was just ousted in a shocking sweep.

Yet, in the midst of that sweep, the Tigres inadvertently started a cinematic face-off during pregame warmup stretches. If that doesn't seem to make sense, just check out the video below.

As first noted by the always excellent Neate Sager of Yahoo! Canada's Buzzing the Net blog, Victoriaville travelled to Baie-Comeau needing a win, and decided to kick the contest off with a bit of gamesmanship. Rather than file out of the locker room into traditional stretching lines, the Tigres instead skated directly into a "Flying V" of Mighty Ducks fame.

Fittingly, the Drakkar (that's the Baie-Comeau team name) was having nothing of it, immediately following the lead of their team captain and crowding the center ice line with ferocious crouches and glares across at the Tigres.

As Sager noted, the Drakkar's amped antics were reminiscent of their own movie flashback, with Mel Gibson's Braveheart followers coming to mind. Even though the Drakkar had already stretched, they dropped back down to do more stretching at center ice, just to try and get inside Victoriaville's head.

Appartently, that psychological counter-move worked -- Baie-Comeau went on to win that Game 3 and completed a sweep shortly thereafter -- though bizarrely, the thing that might be remembered most from the series (outside the Drakkar's unlikely sweep) may have come outside the games themselves.

After all, it's not every day one see the power of the Flying V thwarted.

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