California RB’s TD scramble may be 2013′s wildest yet

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

We've seen plenty of runs, run-and-catch plays and returns that have featured so many broken tackles that they practically defy belief. Of all the highlights that have popped up in 2013, none may be more exciting than Nick Como's remarkable rumble during his Canyon Springs High (Moreno Valley, Calif.) squad's 27-25 victory against Arlington High (Riverside, Calif.).

Como turned what should have been a simple short gain into the most unlikely of TDs by doing precisely what coaches tell players not to do; he backtracked behind the line of scrimmage to buy himself more time, then took off on a wild and mazy run that criss-crossed the field and eventually showcased a minimum of six broken tackles.

One of those "broken tackles" was really far more than one single broken tackle, as Como wriggled out of a gang-tackle attempt that appeared to include the entire Arlington squad.

While poor tackling on behalf of Arlington can surely be noted as a major contributing factor in Como's run to glory, the lion's share of credit for the scoring run belongs with Como himself. The senior is more than shifty, he's just about impossible to bring down once he gets going.

Just ask Arlington, which paid the price for failing to bring down Como with a narrow 2-point loss.

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