California JV squad pulls off trick play of the year

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Of all the wild trick plays that have been used in prep, youth and even collegiate football this year, none have been as bold as the one pulled off by a junior varsity quarterback from El Camino Real High (Woodland Hills, Calif.).

As uncovered by MaxPreps, the crafty signal caller you see in the video above is Jahlil Pinkett, who took a chance during a game against Cleveland High (Woodland Hills, Calif.). He set up underneath center, bent to take the snap and then stood up and began to walk toward the sideline, requesting a new football.

The defense apparently bought it.

From there it was smooth sailing, as Pinkett sprinted to pay dirt with his stunned opponents watching.

The play call was a clever one, but what really sold the deception was Pinkett himself, who was completely believable in his protestations about the condition of the ball. Perhaps there's a reason for that; Jahlil Pinkett is the nephew of actress Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Maybe Jahlil Smith has a future in Hollywood, too? We'll all have to wait until he's done fooling people on the football field first.

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