California HS basketball standout breaks the rim on windmill dunk

Prep Rally

Jordan Bell was a household name in high school basketball circles before this week, but if you weren't familiar with the Long Beach Poly (Calif.) power forward's game ... well let's just say this dunk should do the trick.

The University of Oregon verbal commit is 6'8" and, as you can see from the numerous videos on YouTube, has no problem rocking the rim. But the windmill dunk he managed throw down during the City of Palms high school tournament was noting short of incredible.

If you're wondering what separates this windmill dunk from the rest, just wait until the end of the video where you get a closeup of what Bell did to the basket. Yep, that would be a broken rim.

No, it's not as gaudy as the shattered glass broken backboard, but a broken rim might actually be even more impressive.

Now I know this basket has probably sustained some serious wear and tear over the years, but you have to be incredibly strong to break a rim made of solid rolled steel. If Bell was looking for a moment to sum up his stellar high school basketball career, this would be the one.

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