California golfer competes with only one arm after injury

Brooks Besson is trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation. The San Rafael (Calif.) High golfer was trying to pull off a Sergio Garcia-esque shot from a tree root last season when his club ended up catching something on the downswing, wrenching his right wrist in the process.

As the Marin Independent Journal notes, Besson didn't know how bad the injury was until he visited a doctor months later and was told the ligament damage in his wrist was so severe that the high school senior would need two surgeries and physical therapy before he could even consider golfing again.

"It got to the point I couldn't play [golf] at all," Besson told the Marin Independent Journal. "I couldn't do the normal things. I couldn't pick things up or turn [my wrist] at an angle."

Playing during his senior year wasn't even a possibility ... until Besson decided to defy doctors and play anyway with only his left arm. For a kid who was an all-league golfer his first three years, the results haven't been pretty this season, but considering his team had just enough players to field a full team, Besson is keeping San Rafael from having to forfeit their matches by playing with one arm.

The good news for Besson is that he most likely won't have to play this way for the rest of the year. The Marin Independent Journal reported that he's currently rehabbing the arm and could have use of it again in the coming months, so there's still a chance for him to walk-on and play in college if he wants.

Regardless, you have to be impressed with what Besson's doing. He wants to compete and enjoy his senior year on the course, even if that means struggling at times on the course by playing with one arm.

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