California 6-year-old baseball player makes sensational diving catch

Plenty of full-grown ballplayers have trouble going back on a fly ball. Like Jose Canseco, for one. But one 6-year-old third baseman showed us all how it's done.

During a Pony league baseball game over the weekend, Nathan Lewis tracked down a foul pop-up over his non-glovehand shoulder and sprawled out for a tremendous grab.

Remember, he's 6 freaking years old, according to the Reddit post (h/t Big Lead).

Lewis plays for Irvine (Calif.) Pony's Shetland All-Stars, the YouTube description said, and the catch ended a fourth-inning East Long Beach rally. ELB had a runner in scoring position, and that kid at the plate took a cut that would've made Paul Bunyan proud.

A couple other highlights from this video:

1) What's up with the pitching machine? I've always enjoyed baseball coaches wearing full uniforms, and an adult in full uniform reloading a a pitching machine over and over to pitch to 6-year-olds puts it over the top. When you've got a kid playing like Brooks Robinson on the hot corner, you should be able to throw these kids a little junk.

2) What's up with everyone's reaction? This kid makes the diamond gem of the century, and his teammates walk off the field like he made a routine play. Plus, the opposing third-base coach could not have been less impressed. No change in expression as the dude walks off the field. Makes you think maybe Nathan Lewis does this all the time.

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