Cal lands enormous football recruit … in a literal sense (he’s huge)

Cameron Smith
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New coach Sonny Dykes and the Cal football team got a very big recruit. No, big doesn’t cut it. They got a huge recruit. One might even call him gargantuan.

Cochran offensive lineman Aaron Colony —
Cochran offensive lineman Aaron Colony —

As reported by the Modesto Bee, enormous Atwater (Calif.) Bucach Colony offensive lineman Aaron Cochran committed to play for the Bears after weighing offers from more than a dozen of the nation’s top programs.

The lineman is an impressively athletic talent for any size or skill level, but his massive stature does make his versatility all the more eye catching.

If you’re wondering, Cochran is the biggest legitimate football recruit in the Class of 2013, at least in terms of sheer size. The mid-state superstar currently stands 6-foot-8 and tips the scales at 320 pounds. For a frame of reference, Cochran is roughly an inch shorter than NBA superstar Kevin Durant, yet he weighs approximately 100 pounds more than the Oklahoma City sharpshooter.

Despite all that sheer size and girth, Cochran can really move up and down the field, as you can see in the video above. Perhaps more importantly, he knows that his advantage is his size, and he’s determined to get the most out of it.

To this point Cochran has been able to do just that, earning scholarship offers to Cal and a host of other programs. With his brother already at Cal, the Golden Bears would have always had a shot at landing Cochran, yet his commitment is still a noteworthy event.

Now Cochran gets to prove that he really is ready for the next level, regardless of what other programs might now say about him. Unlike other recruits, Cochran’s unique approach to recruiting, telling all the other schools who sought him out that he had picked California before they heard about it somewhere else.

"That was hard," Cochran said. "I didn't want to do it, but I knew I had to. I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to disappoint people."

"I was surprised that all the other coaches understood and thanked me for being up front with them."

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