S.C. football team starts season with a motorcycle rally

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

There are a number of ways for a high school football squad to enter a field. Few are more dramatic than the method employed by one team on the South Carolina-Georgia border to start the season.

As captured on YouTube and brought to Prep Rally's attention by MaxPreps, the North Augusta (S.C.) High football team kicked off the 2013 season against Anderson (S.C.) T.L. Hanna High at home. That meant that North Augusta got to pull out all the stops in its team introduction, and the Jackets (short for Yellow Jackets) decided to enter the season with a good old fashioned motorcycle rally.

You can see the ear splitting choppers revving their engines in the video above, before the bikes took a quite ride around the area behind the end zone through which the North August players entered.

There is no direct connection between Yellow Jackets and motorcycles, nor is there any obvious reason why North Augusta should embrace the entire motorcycle experience as part of its football tradition.

Evidently the school just decided it would be cool to kick off the season with a loud churn of the engines. The fans seemed to agree, and it certainly had the desired result on the field; North Augusta routed T.L. Hanna, 45-3, to start the season with a win.

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