Budding California QB proves even more elusive off the field than on it

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Of all the impressive moves South Gate (Calif.) High quarterback Eddie Flores has made this year, his best one may have come away from the field.

Elusive South Gate quarterback Eddie Flores — Los Angeles Times screen grab
Elusive South Gate quarterback Eddie Flores — Los Angeles Times screen grab

As reported by Eric Sondheimer of the Los Angeles Times, Flores had an impressive game in leading South Gate to its fourth win of the still-undefeated season, yet he was even more impressive in eluding a pair of teenage females he wanted to avoid after his strong evening.

Just after Sondheiemer finished the interview you see here just outside the South Gate locker room, Flores apparently noticed that two girls were waiting for him, one of whom he was desperately trying to avoid. In fact, he was so eager to avoid any interaction that, rather than walk out via conventional measures, Flores made a complete 180 and scaled the chain link fence to the field behind him, escaping without being noticed.

All of which goes to show just how tough Flores is to catch. Of course, Southern California defensive coordinators knew that already, with performances like the one he produced on Friday making his talent abundantly clear. In the Rams' victory against Millikan (Calif.) High, Flores passed for 358 yards and five touchdowns, keying South Gate's 57-46 win.

The game was a drastic turnaround from 2011, when South Gate fell to Millikan, 40-16. That's par for the course in a 2012 season in which South Gate has refused to play down to expectations while led by first-year coach Jose Casagrand.

As he proved Friday off the field, Flores also always has a trick up his sleeve whenever he or South Gate needs it.

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