Bruins announcer Jack Edwards: 12-year-old’s favorite food is Bud Light

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Leave it to Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards to get America fired up about the Little League World Series before it's even happening. We're still watching 12-year-olds compete in the Regionals, but Edwards is already giving some of them credit for knocking back a crisp, generic American lager.

To be fair, Edwards said one particular 12-year-old enjoys a host of favorite foods ranging from ice cream -- the kid's actual choice -- to french fries, fried dough and, the coup de grace, "a Bud Light." We're pretty sure he was making light of the fact that they even note what the batter's favorite food is, but with Edwards you're never entirely sure.

We should not be surprised that Edwards would say something controversial while calling a youth baseball game. After all, this is the man who talks about the Bruins, "Showing hearts of lions," and compares Penguins star Matt Cooke to the JFK assassin. Heck, Edwards practically takes part in Bruins games from the booth.

Bruins fans love him, Canadiens and Maple Leafs fans hate him and some others seem to appreciate him in a Hawk Harrelson way. All of those reactions are completely justifiable.

To be fair to Edwards, the odds of any kid's favorite food being one of his first three options are extraordinarily high. If the announcer just added pizza and cheeseburgers to the list, he'd be covered right up until a team from Lyon, France qualified for the World Series and featured a first baseman who can't get enough coq au vin.

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