A fire breather at a pep rally? It appears to have happened in Florida

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

UPDATE: Prep Rally has been in touch with Monsignor Pace, and has learned in no uncertain terms that a blowtorch was not used in this stunt. Rather, the dunk was performed by a fire breather as part of a pep rally performance by the Miami Bboy Academy. In fact, according to a Monsignor Pace official, the stunt was performed in a setting that didn't revolve around a basketball game at all, as reported both here and elsewhere. Rather, it was part of a large pep rally to honor both the fall and sports teams.

If anything, a fire breather dunk seems a heck of a lot cooler to Prep Rally, let alone safer. It's good to know that not only were teens not at particular risk by the stunt (assuming the building doesn't burn down), but they also got to check out fire breathing at its best.

Prep Rally apologizes for any confusion caused by the initial assessment that a blowtorch had been used in the stunt, and is thrilled to learn of the true, fire breathing origin of the stunt. How cool are fire breathers!

Forget inflatable tunnels, a Florida boys basketball program took the ceremonial start of games up a notch by incorporating fire into its pre-tip off routine.

As reported by MaxPreps, the video you see above comes from a Miami (Fl.) Monsignor Pace High, where a student elevated for a rather typical trampoline dunk then added a unique element by incorporating a blowtorch.

Keep in mind: This is a regular season game at a high school in Florida, not a college or NBA contest. That’s really something.

Luckily, the student/stunt man in the dunk completed the trick safely, out-jumping the fire but not the gymnastics crash pad under the rim.

Sadly, the pregame routine didn’t seem to light enough of a fire under the Pace players --or frighten opponents enough -- to inspire a winning season. Pace finished the year with a record of 9-20, the Spartans missing out on the playoffs.

That’s a shame. It would have been fascinating to see what the Spartans would have attempted to get the fans excited for a playoff game if they bring out the trampolines and fire implements for the regular season.

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