Bills mascot Billy Buffalo going all Troy Polamalu on a Pee Wee QB is a beautiful thing to watch

Prep Rally

Slow clap for the Reddit user who discovered this gif, please.

Any time Buffalo Bills mascot Billy Buffalo pulls a Troy Polamalu and destroys a Pee Wee quarterback during a game between men dressed as stuffed animals and children, good gifs are bound to happen, and this hypnotic one is proof (h/t Next Impulse Sports).

There's little known about this actual game -- the where, the when, the who and the what the hell for -- but Reddit users uncovered a trio of mascot vs. youth football games on YouTube that are equally as entertaining, replete with crushing hits from both sides.

Also enjoyed Reddit's top-rated comment: "Definitely drawn offside. O-line flinched."

Bravo, Billy Buffalo, bravo.

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