Beyond a lucky shot: "Bounce" pass ends up as long-range bucket

There are lucky shots, and then there are the kind of baskets that no one even intended to be an attempt. The "bounce pass"-turned bucket you see below falls squarely in the second category.

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According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which received the video as part of its user submission efforts, the bucket was scored by the Midpark (Ohio) High junior varsity girls basketball team in what appears to be a game against Hathaway Brown (Ohio) School. After a steal, one Midpark player tries to send a chest pass cross court to her cutting teammate, only for the ball to take a deflection off a Hathaway Brown player and slide through the net without the help of any additional hands.

As excited as Midpark may have been about the bucket, that enthusiasm was quickly dampened by the game's officials, who waved off the two points because of the ball's striking of a goalpost (or "stantion," or whatever other term you prefer) holding up the basket.

Because the shot struck an outside influence, the alternating possession rule was enforced, giving the ball back over to Hathaway Brown, meaning that no only did the miraculous bounce shot not count, it also cost Midpark the ball.

Yet even that turn of events is unlikely to dim the memory of the basket, which is easily one of the trick shots of the year, regardless of the fact that it failed to put any points on the scoreboard.

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