Belarusian 5-year-old scores goal in pro soccer match

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Regardless of what he accomplishes with the rest of his life, Hrisan Dzheus will be able to tell his eventual children, grandchildren or just friends that he achieved something that practically no one else ever has: He scored a goal in a professional soccer game at just 5 years old.

As reported by Opposing Views, and quickly disseminated across the web, the 5-year-old Dzheus completely stole the show during a testimonial match for Belarussian side Torpedo Zhodino star Vadim Evseev. With Evseev set to retire, the club hosted a final testimonial for its star, with Evseev's club rolling to a 4-1 lead.

Yet that lead would expand in the most unlikely of circumstances when Evseev was taken off the pitch and replaced by none other than Evseev's 5-year-old son Dzheus, who wasted little time before slotting in his side's fifth goal of the game.

Yes, Dzheus was only brought on as a gimmicky thank you meant for his father, who runs an all-Russian Children's Center called Eaglet. Yes, the defense disintegrated as quickly as Moses parting the Red Sea, leaving Dzheus with a pretty clear take on goal.

Still, anytime a 5-year-old scores an actual, registered goal in a professional soccer match, that is some news. In this case the news is that Dzheus has some degree of his Dad's talent and Evseev is such a well-respected character that opponents are even willing to help one of his successors find the goal to bring a smile to Torpedo's loyal fans.

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