Basketball teams get into massive brawl after fan shoves coach

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We've highlighted a couple of nasty high school brawls this year on Prep Rally, but the one that occurred between Baltimore's ConneXions School for the Arts and Washington, D.C.'s Cardozo Academy could top them all.

As Fox-5 in Washington, D.C. and another local outlets reported, a Wednesday night game between ConneXions and Cardozo Academy got out of hand after a couple of questionable calls by the referees started to anger fans in the stands during the second quarter.

With tensions mounting and the game on the verge of going south, an unknown fan came out of the stands and shoved a Cardozo coach, igniting a nasty brawl that lasted for more than a couple minutes.

As you can see from the above YouTube video, things got out of hand in a hurry, as players and fans started to throw punches and chairs during the brawl. You can even see a couple of incidents where fans or players were shoved to the gym floor and kicked repeatedly.

The video also included a shot of a fan throwing another fan onto the floor from the stands in one of the most disgusting acts of the entire brawl. Baltimore police were immediately called to the scene and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

All in all, it was a black-eye moment that both schools will not soon forget.

"We could have had better control of our kids," Cardazo AD Bobby Richards told the Washington Post. "It's unfortunate because [a fight] is the type of thing that we try to avoid."

As the Washington Post also reported, this isn't the first time a school from the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association has been involved in an on-field altercation this year.

On Sept. 3, Dunbar's football game against Dunbar-Baltimore was called in the fourth quarter when a fight broke out between players.

On Oct. 22, a football game between Anacostia and McKinley was called in the third quarter when a fight broke out between players.

Both incidents resulted in forfeits of later games as a penalty.

Both districts are currently looking at footage from the incident to get a better picture of what exactly transpired during the game, but at the moment, it's impossible to place a portion of the blame on one particular team. Both are entirely at fault for letting this incident get out of hand.

The only good news to come from the brawl was that neither school reported any injuries. With the punches and kicks that were being thrown, that's a minor miracle.

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