Baby-wielding hockey father threatens to cave another dad’s glasses in during disturbing youth hockey video

Ben Rohrbach
Prep Rally

I know you're not supposed to bring a knife to a gunfight, but now apparently you shouldn't wear glasses to a hockey dad fight, either.

Naturally, one Canadian hockey father didn't take kindly to a baby-wielding man calling his 15-year-old son "a midget," so the former confronted the latter -- to which the name-caller responded: "Don't touch me, or I'm going to cave your [expletive] glasses in. You got that?" (h/t Deadspin.) Well, then. That settles that. Or maybe it doesn't.

Video of the confrontation was posted on YouTube, the man who's son was called "a midget" shared his thoughts with CBC Manitoba News and the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association has subsequently investigated the incident.

“His remarks were uncalled for -- completely irresponsible, and for an adult to go on like that, at a kid’s game, is unimaginable,” Chuck Kitson told CBC. “I was intimidated. I was scared. His behavior was as violent and threatening as I’ve seen in any hockey game."

Jason Boyd is the man in question, according to CBC; he's the hockey father who threatened to cave Kitson's glasses in front of who we can only assume was his wife and while holding who we hope is his own baby. Boyd refused comment for the story.

Believe it or not, the story gets worse. According to the report, Kitson's son -- the kid who Boyd called "a midget" -- broke his arm in the same game on Monday at the Southdale Community Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"He celebrates again," Kitson told CBC. "It was hard to watch. These are kids on the ice."

The minor-league hockey association has recommended that Boyd be banned from all games this season and awaits Hockey Winnipeg's ruling, CBC reported.

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