Arizona school pulls off incredible football prank on QB

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your well-meaning high school football prank of the year.

The incident you see above comes from the Saddle Mountain region of Arizona, where Tonopah (Az.) Tonopah Valley High plays its football. Evidently they also have time to plan fairly elaborate pranks, as they proved by having the entire team drop to the ground save the one man who wasn't in on the joke … the starting quarterback.

According to MaxPreps' Tonopah Valley roster, the player being pranked appears to be quarterback Colt Thompson, who, according to the video's YouTube description, was "sent off to get something." Some have already dubbed the stunt the "fainting goat."

Of course, what he really got was pranked, and pranked well at that. Luckily he seemed to take the mild humiliation well, as did the rest of the squad. Even head football coach Nick Gehrts struggled to keep from cracking up while blowing his whistle.

Luckily no one or nothing was hurt in the filming of this prank. Except perhaps Thompson's ego, of course.

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