Aquille Carr to play professionally overseas rather than at Seton Hall after passing in 2011

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Aquille Carr has long been a major subject of fascination here at Prep Rally, both for his phenomenal talent, unique marketability -- Prep Rally was the first to report of his Italian contract offer in Spring 2011 -- and struggles off the court. Now the high school senior at Lanham (Md.) Princeton Day Academy has confirmed was the recruiting world has been buzzing about for weeks: He will bypass a scholarship offer that he had accepted to play for Seton Hall and instead play professionally overseas, likely in Europe.

Carr announced the decision on Twitter, for the first time publicly confirming what Prep Rally reported two years ago in the process.

After being offered an Italian contract that would have paid him some $750,000 as a 16-year-old, Carr has decided now is the time to officially take his talent overseas.

Former Baltimore Patterson point guard Aquille Carr —
Former Baltimore Patterson point guard Aquille Carr —

“The money won’t always be there gotta get it when u can I turned it down last time not this time”

Carr’s announcement was quickly followed upon by Yahoo! affiliate TheRecruitScoop’s Alex Kline and other sources, all of whom were quick to offer well wishes to the Baltimore native.

So far there is no indication of precisely where Carr will end up. As Prep Rally reported in 2011, Pallacanestro Virtus Roma was the first foreign club to pursue him professionally, though there was no note in the Italian media indicating any resumption of interest on the Italian club’s part.

While Aquille was tweeting news of his decision on Tuesday, the rest of his family stayed quiet, with no word whether his daughter or any other members of his family might go with him overseas.

Nor would the Princeton Day coaching staff comment on Carr’s decision. That's not surprising considering the fact that Carr is still an enrolled student at the school.

Regardless of what comes next, “The Crimestopper” will leave Baltimore as a prep playground legend. The question now will turn to whether he can become a legend in another land as well.

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