Another teen arrested for striking a soccer official in the face

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A Chicago (Ill.) Prosser Career Academy soccer player allegedly punched an official in the face --
A Chicago (Ill.) Prosser Career Academy soccer player allegedly punched an official in the face --

Chicago police and the Illinois High School Association are investigating the alleged attack on a varsity boys soccer official by a Prosser Career Academy player over the weekend, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

Arguing a perceived non-call by Umberto Ramirez, the juvenile swore at and struck the official twice in the face with two minutes left in a 1-1 game against Chicago's Amundsen High, a police report obtained by the Tribune said. Play was reportedly suspended as police arrested the PCA player and Ramirez refused treatment from paramedics.

Meanwhile, the IHS handed Amundsen the win by forfeit and will complete a full investigation into the incident before announcing sanctions, the report said.

"This is a deplorable action that has no place in athletics at any level," IHSA executive director Marty Hickman told the Tribune. "Game officials deserve to be treated with the highest levels of respect by coaches, players, administrators and fans. Unfortunately, though, they are subject to far more scrutiny than is warranted. As this happens and perspective is lost, the value of the interscholastic experience is diminished and ruined."

You may recall Prosser Career Academy from an ugly hazing scandal involving a belt two years ago, when two football coaches and four of their players were ultimately charged.

This past weekend's incident is particularly frightening in the wake of Utah referee Ricardo Portillo's death following a strike to the head by a teenaged rec soccer player.

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