Another Canadian Little Leaguer pulls down another MLB-worthy grab

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

On Monday, the Canadian squad from Vancouver (B.C.) Hastings Little League was eliminated from the 2012 Little League World Series. That's a shame, because so far the Canadians have provided the two best plays of the tournament.

Canadian outfielder Carter Kada-Wong leaps for a miraculous catch — Associated Press
Canadian outfielder Carter Kada-Wong leaps for a miraculous catch — Associated Press

On Saturday, Thomas Neal pulled in the best diving catch that the World Series has seen in some time, with the center fielder streaking across the outfield to grab a key out in an eventual 13-9 victory against Mexico. The grab ended up all over the Internet, including sites like Prep Rally's brotherly baseball blog, Big League Stew.

On Monday, Neal's grab got some company, with fellow outfielder Carter Kada-Wong pulling in a miraculous grab just in front of the left-field wall against Caracao.

The Carribean nation scored two runs on what was eventually a sacrifice fly in the fifth inning, but if Kada-Wong hadn't made the catch, those two runs might have been more, and the game might have been over.

Curacao would eventually pull out a 4-3 victory, though Kada-Wong did his best to keep his nation in the fight for a continued place in the tournament. That he stands just 4-foot-8 and weighs in at a miniscule 64 pounds makes the middle schooler's athletic feats all the more impressive.

At the end of the day, Kada-Wong's catch would only serve as the most glorious moment of the last stage of Canada's LLWS run. Still, if anything the grab probably increased baseball banter in Vancouver, with the means for a good old-fashioned debate about whether Neal or Kada-Wong's outfield grab was more impressive.

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