Andrew Wiggins throws down ridiculous ‘Reverse 360 Eastbay’ during McDonald dunk contest

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Ladies and Gentlemen, Andrew Wiggins is ridiculous.

The top prospect in the Class of 2013, Wiggins, a senior from Canada, may have successfully thrown down one of the best dunk contest slams of all time on his biggest stage to date, completing a "Reverse 360 Eastbay" during the McDonald's All-American Game Slam Dunk Contest.

For those of you who may not keep up with the constantly evolving dunk jargon (here's a fun game: try to figure out if slam dunks or snowboard tricks bring in more new terms each year), an Eastbay dunk is a slam where the athlete takes the ball between his (or hypothetically, her) legs while elevating toward the rim.

The "reverse, 360" part is pretty self explanatory, but all the more remarkable when you watch it happening.

Still, what's most impressive about Wiggins' slam above is just how easy he made it look. The re-classified senior, who still has yet to commit to a college program, elevated as if he was just trotting down the street, threw down the best dunk of the year and then strutted his stuff as he walked away, leaving the rest of the All-American crop going completely crazy.

Incredibly, that slam alone wasn't good enough to earn Wiggins the slam dunk contest title, which instead went to fellow senior Chris Walker, a Florida recruit who had ample acrobatic moves to justify winning a national dunk contest ... yet failed to throw down a "Reverse 360 Eastbay".

At this point, perhaps the "Reverse 360 Eastbay" should be considered at the same level as Shaun White's signature Double McTwist 1260; if Wiggins can do it and the other kids can't, he wins. Period.

Then again, maybe Prep Rally is a bit too myopic on that point. What's more important -- and clear -- is that the 2013 McDonald's dunk contest was one for the ages, complete with one heck of a signature dunk for everyone to remember.

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