Amazing prep 'Michigan goal' may be better than original

On Jan. 7, the Middleton (Wisc.) High hockey team routed local rival Madison Memorial (Wisc.) High 9-1. While that final score might be notable on its own, a goal from the one-sided matchup has earned headlines across hockey cyberspace, and for good reason, as you can see below, thanks to video from Patty Loew and the Middleton High School hockey program.

Todd Koritzinsky's "Michigan" Goal @ Yahoo! Video

As first highlighted by both local outlets and Yahoo!'s own inimitable Puck Daddy, the prep "Michigan goal" put up by Middleton's Todd Koritzinsky is practically a shoo-in for high school goal of the year. What may be more impressive is that the likely future NHL draftee -- who has also earned headlines with previous statement goals -- might have put together an even better Michigan goal than the original, scored by Michigan's Mike Legg back in the 1996 NCAA Regional Finals.

Not only does Koritzinsky score an almost identical flip-wraparound goal (though his comes from the right side, as opposed to Legg working around on the left), he does so with a defender coming behind the cage to mark him, unlike Legg, who got to concoct his wizardry virtually untouched behind the net.

Of course, Legg's goal will always have the distinction of being the first of its kind (it's been duplicated a few times since) and coming against far superior opposition. After all, Michigan needed to beat Minnesota to reach the Frozen Four, and that Minnesota team was a heck of a lot better than a middling Wisconsin prep program.

Still, it's impossible to downplay Koritzinsky's career-making wundergoal, if only because of his age. To pull off that kind of a trick goal at the age of 17 takes an almost unapproachable level of pizzazz ... or gusto ... or cojones, even if a win is already safe in the books.

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