An amazing, controversial finish to a double-overtime faceoff

Earlier this season, two of Northern Kentucky's top high school football teams faced off in Newport, with pride and tradition on the line. Through a complete four quarters, host Newport Central Catholic (Ky.) School and Beechwood (Ky.) High were too evenly matched to be separated. The same was true of the first overtime period, when both teams scored touchdowns. Then, after NewCath scored a touchdown to kick off the second overtime, Beechwood ushered in complete bedlam across the two plays that you see on the grainy Zapruder film below.

The first play above is one of the more impressive halfback passes in memory, predominantly because of the frantic scrambling from Beechwood running back Cameron Vocke that preceded the toss. Vocke not only reversed field multiple times, he did so with tacklers all over him. When he did reach receiver Max Nussbaum, there were still 5 more yards to cover to hit pay dirt, with Nussbaum eventually extending at full stretch to just scrape across the pylon for a touchdown.

The subsequent game-ending two-point conversion was more controversial. Vocke pulled in a pass from Beechwood quarterback Michael Colosimo and pushed across the goal line just as he was hit by NewCath defender Dylan Hayes. As soon as Hayes made impact, the ball popped out of Vocke's hands. However, because Vocke was judged to have crossed the goal line, the conversion was ruled a success and Beechwood walked away with the win.

If the video quality above isn't good enough for your liking and you have some pre-holiday time to kill, the same two plays can be seen at precisely the 1 hour, 54 minute mark of this video replay of the game from NKYSports.

Of course, that doesn't mean the controversy ended there. NewCath firmly believed that Vocke never had full possession of the ball, an inclination which gained a bit more credibility with the publication of a photo on the Cincinnati Enquirer's Press Preps blog two days later. The only thing that could have wrapped up the debate conclusively would be a rematch, but that's not in the offing since the two schools play in different divisions (Beechwood in Class A, NewCath in Class 2A).

That means that the next rematch between the traditional rivals will be even more of a must-watch affair.

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