Alvin, Simon … Archbishop Chapelle? Louisiana’s best mascot is small and very chipper

Cameron Smith

Archbishop Chapelle's mascot will hug a win right out of you — Archbishop Chapelle School

Forget about Alvin. The nation's most competitive chipmunks are found in Louisiana.

While there were plenty of great mascots in the Bayou, none could compare with Metaire (La.) Archbishop Chapelle High, whose teams are all known affectionately as the Chipmunks. Of course, Archbishop Chapelle wasn’t aiming to intimidate opponents by donning the chipmunk moniker, either. Rather, according to USA Today, it was a direct call out for the school’s students to be as friendly as possible.

In fact, here is what former Archbishop Chapelle coach Beth Johnson said about the school’s now famous mascot:

"The alert Chipmunk is perhaps the most cheerful and friendly animal in the countryside … Her arms are open wide to welcome everyone to her family."

Why would Johnson stress that the chipmunk was a "her"? Probably because Archbishop Chapelle is an all girls school.


Being the chipmunks doesn't make Archbishop Chapelle afterthoughts on the field. Rather, the school remains a competitive force, it just does so with a slightly more cheerful mascot than its foes.

Other Great Louisiana Mascots of Note:

Ever wonder what a Wampus Cat is? According to Native Americans, it's a half mountain cat-half woman. It’s also the mascot of choice for Leesville (La.) High, which is so dedicated to the Wampus Cat teams that it has a bronzed Wampus in the middle of the school.

The New Orleans (La.) McDonogh 35 High sports team's aren’t the Eagles, they’re the Roneagles, an all-iron version of the more traditional bird that the school claims is the "mightiest, swiftest and most resourceful of all winged creatures." That's up to individual interpretation, but the Roneagle is certainly unique.

If there was any mascot that might steal the thunder of the Chipmunks, it would have to be the Baton Rouge (La.) St. Joseph’s Academy Red Stickers, who take their name from the French translation for the name of the city they’re located in; Baton Rouge is French for "red stick." It's hard to get closer to the state's French roots than that.

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