Allen Iverson shows up at Prime Prep Midnight Madness, is dunked on by top recruit

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when it appeared that Deion Sanders' future at the school he helped found was over? Much has changed in the short span of two weeks. Now he's back living it up with the school's highest profile citizens -- it's star athletes -- all while bringing in more professional star power to official school functions.

The latest celebrity athlete to parachute in on the Prime Prep Academy (Dallas, Tex.) athletic parade is Allen Iverson, who made an appearance at the school's boys basketball Midnight Madness event on Monday night.

Iverson claimed that he made the appearance to support Sanders, who he named as a "long time idol of mine," on Twitter. This being Deion Sanders, AI wasn't the only big name in attendance either, with Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant on hand to take in the season's first official practice.

Fittingly, the highlight of the late night workout focused on Iverson, who worked himself into a massive dunk from Prime Prep's prized recruit, Emmanuel Mudiay. With the senior bearing down on the basket, Iverson sat in front of the rim and then lobbed Mundiay a perfect alley-oop as he soared over the former All-Star's head toward the rim.

You can see the slam just after the 1:00 mark of the video above.

The dunk was simple, smooth and full of fury, and only added to Mundiay's ever-growing hype reel.

It's quite unlikely that Iverson will be further involved in the Dallas-area program; after all, he has no ties to the city. Still, with Deion Sanders you never know. After that dunk, it seems that Mudiay would be happy to welcome him back, and so would the fans.

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