Alabama youth football stud channels Adrian Peterson, Johnny Manziel in full beast mode

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This Alabama youth football star should be expecting a call from Nick Saban any day now.

As this video makes the Internet rounds (h/t Big Lead via Busted Coverage), we learn three basic truths about the apparent love child of Adrian Peterson and Johnny Football: His name is John David Taylor, he's from Goshen, Ala., and he's unstoppable. That's all we know, and it's more than enough.

The truck job of No. 11 and stiff arm of No. 12 are probably enough for Saban to knock on the Taylors door with an offer to play for the Crimson Tide in 2020, but upon further review -- and you really should watch it repeatedly -- three other great moments:

1) Where's the blocking? It was Taylor and nine opponents on the near side of the field with no teammates in sight. Maybe they were just as much in awe of this run as those of us at home. Either way, it didn't matter. Zeus himself wasn't going to stop him.

2) You've got to love how five would-be tacklers just fell to the ground after witnessing that truck job. They wanted no part of John David Taylor, and I don't blame them.

3) When a teammate finally lands a block, it's a super late block in the back as the still shellshocked refs signal touchdown and miss the penalty. It's probably a good thing. There's no telling the wrath John David Taylor would've unleashed at that point.

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