Alabama football mom arrested at varsity practice after walking on field to confront coach

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The mother of a teenage football player decided to take matters into her owns hands when she heard that her son's football coach lifted him up by the shoulder pads and berated him. She walked directly up to the coach in question and launched into a tirade against him.

As reported by Montgomery TV network WALB, Vandria West was arrested for disorderly conduct after she walked onto the Lee County (Ala.) High football field to confront Lee County coach Dean Fabrizio during practice. The coach had allegedly lifted up West's son by the shoulder pads, then screamed and cursed at him.

In the process of the elder West's trip onto the field, the mother literally poked Fabrizio in the face, with the coach eventually forced to push her hand out of the way. Yet Lee County Principal Kevin Dowling later determined that the finger poking issue in question was the only physical conduct that came between Fabrizio and a member of the West family.

Shortly after she walked onto the field, the elder West was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct by police who were called to address the incident.

Dowling went to great lengths to stress that the actions taken by Vandria West were inappropriate. Still, the mother insisted that she had no remorse for her tirade and physical encounter with the coach.

"Coach Fabrizio had no right putting his hands on my child, and I had no right going to jail defending my child."

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