Adult man goes head over heels into bushes for Little League World Series homer

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Well, this is embarrassing.

During a Little League World Series elimination game in Williamsport, Pa., a grown man chased after a home run ball so aggressively that he launched himself directly over the front row of seats and into the bushes. The result of that handiwork was a series of facial lacerations, including a nice, Rudolph-like spot of blood on the tip of his nose.

Prep Rally has absolutely no idea what would motivate a grown man to lose his mind over a home run belted by a 12-year-old. Perhaps he was trying to inspire his younger charges about the heart needed to make it at the top level. Maybe he could have found a way to accomplish that without wrecking his face.

After all, he wasn't chasing that ball for economic reasons, that's for sure.

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