A 90-foot contender for buzzer beater of the year

The game was hardly in the balance, but that's no reason to refrain from attempting a wild buzzer beater. With that in mind, Corcoran (Calif.) High forward Marvin Lefridge spun just in front of the baseline behind his own backboard, let heave with a one-handed bomb and watched with anticipation and curiosity.

What Lefridge and the rest of a small crowd in the Kings County gym during Corcoran's victory against Strathmore (Calif.) High saw -- and which you can see for yourself below (jump to the 0:21 mark if you're impatient) -- is something they're not likely to forget anytime soon.

"At first, I was just like in shock," Lefridge told ABC station KFSN. "But then I took a couple steps and started jumping around."

The junior wasn't alone. One teammate, in particular, said he was glad that he eschewed his traditional practice of trotting to the bench as soon as a last-second heave was in the air, instead following the trajectory of Lefridge's memorable bucket.

"Normally, I don't look to see where the ball goes, because like who's going to make a shot like that?" Corcoran's Christian Carter told KFSN. "But this one I followed all the way and it was like swish. It didn't even hit the backboard."

The third-quarter buzzer beater accounted for three of Lefridge's eight points, a total behind Ryan Luna's 18 points and Carter's 14 in Corcoran's 69-52, East Sequoia League win. Yet the forward's point total was hardly what he or his coach were talking about after the victory.

"It's gonna be up there probably as one of the most memorable shots I've ever seen," Corcoran coach Jerod Uldall told KFSN. "I've done this for 12 years and that's gonna be right at the top."

That would go without saying. We've done this for awhile, too, and that shot -- if not the absolute best -- is awfully close. After all, it's pretty hard to beat a 90-foot buzzer beater.

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