8-year-old completely steamrolls entire defense during youth touchdown run

Meet Jayden Scott. He may only be 8 years old, but he's already produced a seminal example of perseverance during a remarkable youth football touchdown run.

The video you see above shows Scott absolutely refusing to go down on what appears to be a 45-yard touchdown run in a game against an unidentified league rival that, sadly (but probably appropriately), appears to be playing in Raiders uniforms.

The way young Scott was running, the NFL Raiders might have struggled to bring him down, too (we kid, we kid). The running back completely flattened one would-be tackler behind the line of scrimmage, then bounced to the right and trotted down the sideline, bucking an entire crew of defenders in the secondary.

At one point, five mini-Raiders players appeared to be trying to bring Scott down. Over the course of the run, he either ran over, around or through practically his opponent's entire defensive roster. They all failed to bring Scott down, and he went to the end zone, flashing shades of Walter Payton throughout the dynamic scoring gallop. He's even wearing the right jersey number.

Hopefully, Scott received some Gatorade or even some cookies after the game for that run. Something tells Prep Rally Payton would have approved of just such a reward. He was nicknamed "Sweetness," after all.

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