7-foot-5 Mamadou Ndiaye’s prep highlights are absolutely terrifying

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

When Prep Rally first wrote about 7-foot-5 basketball behemoth prep hoops star Mamadou Ndiaye, we brought you some limited video footage showcasing how physically imposing the Senegalese center is.

Well, now there's new game footage of the junior in action for his Huntington Beach (Calif.) Brethren Christian School basketball team, and it leaves a truly lasting impression … that it's absolutely unfair that Ndiaye plays prep basketball.

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As you can see above, Ndiaye is so dominant at the high school level, it's almost like watching a cat toy with a mouse, except that the mouse might have a better chance of acquiring a tiny shotgun to defend himself against a cat than high school defenders have of stopping Ndiaye. It's like having Secretariat in a pony race. It's like bringing a tommy gun to the OK corral. It's like having Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell on a high school model UN squad. It's like … well, you get the picture.

Essentially, all Brethren Christian has to do to score is get the ball past midcourt, then lob it in the general vicinity of Ndiaye, who pivots and dunks. If they want to stop an opponent from scoring, they just have to slow them down long enough to get Ndiaye back in the paint and let him get ready to block the shot.

Wash, rinse, repeat and win. It's an easy formula.

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In fact, the results look so foolproof in action that it seems a minor miracle that Brethren Christian has lost any games in the 2011-12 season at all. As it stands, the Warriors have dropped a surprising five games, two by double-digits.

Of course, the most recent of those losses came more than a month ago, so perhaps the Warriors were still perfecting their rather simple game plan of get the ball to Ndiaye and let him score. Or maybe Ndiaye wasn't in full Shaq mode yet (and before anyone gets all upset about the Shaq comparison, watch Ndiaye play and try to come to the conclusion that he isn't already moving better than Shaq did in his final few NBA seasons).

Whatever the reason, Ndiaye is definitely in dominant form now, and he doesn't seem to show any sign of letting up soon. That's good news for Brethren Christian and bad news for everyone else … except the Chinese take-out restaurants in Huntington Beach. Ndiaye reportedly loves Chinese food.

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