5-year-old drops incredible 49ers rap with full faux Kaepernick tattoos

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The world's biggest 49ers fan may not even be old enough to spell her own name, let alone the last name of the team's star quarterback.

As brought to Prep Rally's attention by Off the Bench, 5-year-old San Francisco fan Sarah Redden produced the most endearing fan anthem of recent years in an ode to the current 49ers squad. Titled "Kaepernicking," the track extols the virtues of the team's new quarterback (no Alex Smith mention within), includes a truly bizarre Darius Fleming reference (where did that come from?) and proudly predicts that Kaepernick will deliver multiple Super Bowls to the Bay Area.

Most impressively, Redden isn't just sporting a number 7 shirt with a 49ers logo on it, she's also fully inked up with incredibly realistic looking faux tattoos that are a mirror image of Kaepernick's own arms.

Clearly, the tattoos are the most remarkable part of the entire freestyle video. How anyone got a 5-year-old to stand still long enough to produce replica tattoos of that detail is astonishing.

Getting young Sarah to memorize the entire rap might have been nearly as difficult, but given the editing of the clip she clearly only had to keep track of one phrase at a time (still impressive for a 5-year-old).

Based on the fact that Redden already has a vibrant Twitter feed this may be the first act of what her parents hope will become a long showbiz career. With any luck she might even get some mileage from the Wiz Khalifa shout out.

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