A 21 strikeout perfect perfect game? It happened in New Jersey

Cameron Smith

The idea that a perfect game cannot be topped is flawed. In fact, it can ... unless it was the one hurled by Sussex (N.J.) High Point High pitcher Ally Frei.

High Point softball ace Ally Frei, who now has pitched 4 perfect games — Newark Star-Ledger/NJ.com

As reported by the New Jersey Herald, Frei tossed the incredibly elusive "perfect perfect game" in a 5-0 victory against Vernon (N.J.) High. More specifically, Frei faced 21 Vernon batters and struck out each one.

Want more proof of just how untouchable Frei was? According to her assistant coach, High Point statistics noted only two foul balls off the pitcher all night. That means that of Frei's 63 strikes, 61 either came while looking or via swings and misses.

"She was on her A-game," High point assistant coach Jim Fasano told the Herald.

"On her A-game" is an understatement. At the same time, Frei had to be untouchable to top her own prior bests.

En route to earning 2012 Player of the Year honors from the Newark Star-Ledger, Frei tossed three perfect games as a sophomore. Needless to say, those three victories alone were more than enough to earn Frei plenty of attention from opposing squads, the regional media and college coaches.

Still, none of those perfect games were comprised of strikeouts alone. Now that the junior has reached the pitching pinnacle, there is just one thing left to do: Lead her team to a second-straight Group 3 state title.

So long as she's on the mound, such an achievement seems like an incredibly likely eventual outcome.

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