131 points, 1,601 yards of offense in one game? It happened in Washington

Cameron Smith
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It was, without question, one of the most impressive offensive outbursts in Washington state history. Across four regulation periods, two teams combined for 131 points, 1,607 total yards and enough extra points to make one's head swim. The losing quarterback finished with 527 total yards on his own, setting a league record.

The Kentlake football team racked up 916 yards of offense in a single game — Vimeo
The Kentlake football team racked up 916 yards of offense in a single game — Vimeo

The final score in this epic encounter was Kentlake 76, Puyallup 55. And to think, the head coach of the victorious Kentlake (Wash.) High squad played as a linebacker in high school.

"You feel like you are unstoppable offensively," Kentlake head football coach Chris Paulson told the Tacoma News Tribune. "But the same 11 kids defensively could not seem to stop anybody, either."

As the News Tribune noted, there is no official record for most combined yards in a single game, but there is every possibility that such a mythical mark may have been achieved on Friday night. The game surpassed a notably offensive 2011 game between Owensville (Mo.) High and St. James (Mo.) High which ESPN dubbed a likely record-holder.

Naturally, that means nothing officially, except that the Kentlake-Puyallup faceoff had truly remarkable statistics. As one might expect, those impressive yet esoteric stats ranged from the fundamental -- those 1,607 yards, for instance -- to the truly unique. The most out of left field of the bunch probably belonged to Kentlake's unspecified kicker, who successfully converted 10 points-after-touchdown. Some schools would be thrilled with that return for a full season.

For the record, Kentlake wrapped up the win with 916 yards of total offense, a number so staggering that Paulson refused to believe it until he could watch the game film and calibrate the stat himself.

In the end, that yardage count checked out, and Paulson and others were left to puzzle out what they had just seen, and likely won't ever see again.

"It is a difficult thing to come to grips with," Kentlake High's Chris Paulson said.

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