12-year-old Robbie Griffith is one awesome Parkour athlete

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

In case you aren't already acquainted with it, parkour is a rather dramatic and sometimes dangerous sport that was essentially born of the freestyle walking/running movement and a desire for real people to feel what it's like to be your own Hollywood stunt person. Athletes taking to the streets to run and jump on, across, over and through anything that might be in their path. Regardless of whether or not one feels it is a true sport, parkour can be incredibly entertaining to watch.

Now, there is an incredibly entertaining 12-year-old to watch who is taking pre-teen parkour to a new level. Meet young Robbie Griffith, an athletic Briton who happens to be the youngest member of a London-based parkour collective called Parkour Generations. While Parkour Generations may be headquartered out of London, it only recently signed Griffith to its Developing Athlete Program.

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According to The Atlantic Cities, that move came after Griffith spent more than a year training at a Parkour training course in Scotland called Coatbridge. Though only 12, Griffith has already earned a fantastic nickname -- he's called "Wee Beastie" -- and some serious acclaim, with some fellow Coatbridge alums marking Griffith as the next potential chosen one.

Given the sport, perhaps that should be the next Matrix? Or the next  Jackie Chan? Whichever, it's a pretty strong sign that Griffith is pretty good, as his four-wall-jump and a handful of other moves (the capoeira-inspired twirls are solid, too) attests to.

Only time will tell if Griffith lives up to all the hype, or if he can even remain healthy enough to do so. For now, he's awfully entertaining and mesmerizing to watch, regardless of age.

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