12-year-old hits halfcourt shot in youth scrimmage at Raptors game, both teams proceed to celebrate wildly

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Anyone up for a video of an 12-year-old drilling a shot from half court during halftime of an NBA game? We thought you might be.

During Toronto's Wednesday victory against the Washington Wizards, the Raptors used halftime to host that greatest of all traditions: A youth basketball game between teams comprised entirely of 11 and 12-year-olds. These gimmicks can never go wrong; the teams play hard, the kids are cute and once in a while some elementary schooler will make a play that will actually turn everyone's head.

Case in point: The video you see above from Toronto, in which an unnamed 12-year-old drilled a shot from just inside halfcourt as the buzzer sounded. Did he travel before the shot? Probably. Did that diminish his sense of accomplishment? Absolutely not.

While the shot itself was pretty good, the reaction of both teams is completely priceless. After all, no high school team would go nuts when an opponent hit a buzzer beater like that, but elementary schoolers are happy to do so. Heck, they probably would have celebrated just as excitedly if the shot had gone in at some small, dank gym in Sudbury, let alone inside the Air Canada Centre.

Who knows when we'll see another mid-court buzzer beater in a halftime youth game. Perhaps this season. Perhaps not until 2015. It could be either. Until then we'll all have to savor the wonderful innocence and excitement of what happened in Toronto, along with The Raptor, of course. Let's see him try to hit that shot ...

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