New York radio host blasts Hank Haney, calls him ‘the scum of the earth’

The entire golf world has its sights set on Augusta National with the first major of the year less than a week away, but a side story that has certainly been making the rounds this week is the release of Hank Haney's new book, The Big Miss.

Since the book was released on Tuesday, Woods' former swing coach has been making stops on the sports radio circuit, taking a couple minutes out to discuss the book and, hopefully, sell a couple extra copies. So when Haney joined WFAN's "Boomer and Carton" show on Friday to discuss The Big Miss (click here for the entire interview), many figured it would be a simple Q&A and nothing more.

But knowing co-host Craig Carton and what he's all about -- he's one of the most vocal, and opinionated, sports jocks in the business -- it was never going to be an easy interview. In fact, Haney got an earful from Carton for more than 20 minutes, as he and Boomer Esiason questioned the decision to publish a book about his time spent with Woods.

After taking shots from both hosts for the better part of the interview, Haney eventually hung up, but not before Carton called the instructor "a terrible human being" and "the scum of the earth."

Based on Haney's book and the publicity it's receiving -- both good and bad -- it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's taking questions about his decision to write the book in the first place. However, the decision to berate Haney doesn't seem right.

I have no problem with asking the guy questions, but when you resort to name calling to get your point across, well, that's where it goes from being a civil interview to a publicity stunt.

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