New York Post kinda, sorta congratulates Tiger Woods on his win

If you've ever had the opportunity to read the New York Post before, then you know the paper is known for its outlandish headlines that usually cross the "Is this appropriate?" line on a daily basis.

So it should come as no surprise that when Tiger Woods broke his two-plus-year PGA tournament win drought on Sunday at Bay Hill, the Post decided to put Tiger on the cover.

And after covering Hydrant-gate, you just knew the paper wouldn't let sleeping dogs lie and go with the standard congratulatory headline. Instead, the Post went with "Look out, Ladies!," hinting that Woods' win was not only a turning point in his career ... but in his love life.

Of course they went there. The headline, while tame by Post standards, was still cringe-worthy. I'm going to guess this cover won't be going on the wall in Woods' office.