New York Post finally kills the Tiger Woods story dead

Observe that Tiger Woods New York Post cover from Tuesday's edition, at right. Take a moment to reflect on it in all its idiotic glory.

In a way, this is a perfect encapsulation of how the tabloid media grinds every bit of meat off the bones of a story, then grinds the bones. The hack decades-old joke, the tired photo gimmick -- hey, did you know a microphone looks kind of phallic? It's true! -- plus the fact that, well, the Tiger-mistress angle is pretty played out ... well, this is what the end of the line looks like.

It's not that it's tasteless. Tastelessness, I'm more than cool with. Tastelessness can be funny, even revelatory. But this ... well, this is just pathetic. Come on, Post -- ditch the lowest-common-denominator humor and get back to the days of "Headless Body In Topless Bar," huh?

(Visor tip: Eisenberg @ The Dagger.)

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