Worldwide Tiger: Woods playing in Ireland, Australia

We're nearly seven months past the Tiger Woods Troubles, and pretty much all of America is done with the whole transgressions thing. But you know what? The rest of the world hasn't yet gotten to see Le Tigre up close and personal. But they're about to get their chance.

Woods announced on his website that he would be returning to Australia to defend his Australian Masters title. That win meant Woods had won a tournament on every continent on which golf is played. (The Antarctica Masters is currently seeking a sponsor.) It was also the final win before ... well, you know.

And in other globetrotting news, Woods will be playing in a charity pro-am in Ireland the week before the British Open. The 36-hole pro-am will take place at Adare Manor, at one time the site of the Irish Open.

Worth noting: Australia and Ireland are home to some of the most mouthy and life-loving — to put it delicately — sports fans on the planet. That photo above is from January's Australian Open — tennis, not golf — and you can see exactly in what regard those folks hold Mr. Woods.

Look at it this way, friends — there are two new continents full of people who haven't yet gotten their "Let he who is without sin" comments out of their system. We can't deny that to them, can we? Good luck, Tiger. You're going to need alligator-thick skin for these trips.

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