Woods' ex-coach Butch Harmon: He's swinging too hard

Tiger Woods withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open on Thursday, citing back pain. Woods said a pair of fog delays that pushed back tee times for the field left time for the muscles protecting Woods' surgically repaired back to get stiff.

Woods' former coach Butch Harmon, however, believes his one-time pupil may be swinging too hard in search of distance to keep up with his younger peers.

“He’s in warp speed, it’s unbelievable how hard he goes," Harmon told Sky Sports, where he is a commentator. "On the (driving) range he doesn’t go at it so hard, he goes at it controlled with some speed. Out on the golf course he looked like he was swinging out of control."

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Critics of Woods' full swing point to the amount of torque he generates, combined with a contorted spine thanks to dipping his head throughout the downswing, as potential contributors to back pain.

Woods did not suggest Thursday his swing was a source of his pain. He is scheduled to play next at the Honda Classic at the end of February. 

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