Why you should always pay attention when driving a golf cart

Well would you look at that ... I think it's safe to assume the Barry Burn on the 17th hole at Carnoustie isn't the best place to park a golf cart, but apparently an official at this week's Women's British Open thought otherwise.

In a hilarious photo with a rather ambiguous caption (it just mentions the cart sitting in the burn following an errant drive), all we can gather is that someone was probably paying more attention to the Twitter feed on their cell phone, and less on where their cart was headed. Either that, or R&A official had a few too many pints and went joyriding around the course before dumping the cart in the iconic burn.

I guess if you're going to dunk something into the burn during the tournament, you'd much rather it be a golf cart than a golf ball. I'm pretty sure Jean Van de Velde would agree with that statement.

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