Where does Paul Goydos' 59 rank all-time?

On Thursday at TPC Deere Run, Paul Goydos became the fourth PGA Tour player to record a sub-60 round. His 59 was incredible, but is it the best 59 we've ever seen? Read on and see who might have capped him in the 50s department.

1. David Duval, 59, final round of the 1999 Bob Hope: The golf course might not be the toughest, but Duval did this in the final round to win the event, and capped it off with an eagle on the last hole to finish at 13-under for the day.

2. Al Geiberger, 59, third round of the 1977 Danny Thomas Memphis Classic: The golf course was incredibly tough, especially for back then, but it didn't stop Geiberger from becoming the first man to ever break 60 in an official event, landing him the cool nickname Mr. 59. Also, he was able to come out on Sunday and finish it off for his 10th victory on tour.

3. Paul Goydos, 59, first round of the 2010 John Deere Classic: People will complain that it doesn't compare to rounds shot on par-72s (this was a par-71), but Goydos made an astonishing 180 feet worth of putts on his way to 59, including a 12-footer on the final hole. Also at 46, he is the oldest person to post the number by seven years.

4. Chip Beck, 59, third round of the 1991 Las Vegas Invitational: You can never knock a sub-60 round, but Beck's came on a golf course that wasn't even 7,000 yards, with hardly any trees or rough. Also, Beck didn't even win the event on Sunday, making him the only man to this point not to do so. (Obviously if Goydos doesn't win, he'd join Beck). Still, a 59 is a 59.

There are a ton of other people that have done it on other tours, but give us your take. Which one do you think is the most impressive?

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