Whan: Come on, we all know Yani was better than Rory in ’11

Devil Ball Golf

The women's golf game is so far in the shadows of the men's game that it takes an earthshattering, epic event to register in the greater golf world at large against the routine men's majors of a given year.

Turns out, 11 victories in a season isn't quite earthshattering enough. Golf Magazine named Rory McIlroy its player of the year over Yani Tseng, interesting in that McIlroy's two wins/one major trump Tseng's 11 wins/two majors. As Dogs notes, LPGA commissioner Mike Whan went to the mat for Tseng, with lines like this: "This season, she [Tseng] became the youngest player in history—male or female—to win five major championships at the age of 22. It's unfortunate I have to write this letter."

He pointed out that "total wins, total majors, records that transcend sport, and leadership in nearly every statistical category should have been more than enough for Golf Magazine to reach a very obvious conclusion."

Shame that Yani missed out on this honor. Maybe Whan opened a few eyes, though. Maybe if one of the LPGA'ers wins 20 tournaments, she'll get her due.

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