Week One of Devil Ball’s Fantasy Golf is in the books. You win?

And we're off! The first week of Devil Ball's Fantasy Golf is over and done with, and hopefully you drafted Steve Stricker for your squad. Covert Operations did, along with Bill Haas, Mark Wilson and Martin Laird, and look what happened: they won! Second place went to Foreplay, while third went to pw (come on, get a better name) and Wolverines.

It's never too late to get in on the action. You can sign up for Yahoo! Fantasy Sports (yeah, like you aren't already) and get into the group by clicking here. You can also join by entering the group number and password:

"Fans of Devil Ball" group: No. 34
Password: devilball

And that's it! Next up, the first full-field event of the year, the Sony Open. Make your picks now!

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