Webb Simpson steps into the Chick-Fil-A debate on Twitter

Three things that should never mix: politics, golf and chicken.

You've likely heard about the recent controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A and its socially conservative stance on gay marriage. (The CFA cows are against it.) Golf, as you also likely know, is the most politically conservative of all sports; politicians and captains of industry don't often strap on hockey skates to relax.

U.S. Open winner Webb Simpson, who describes himself on his Twitter feed as a "*sinner* loved by a Savior," took a few moments late Tuesday night to discuss the Chick-Fil-A issue, primarily by linking to articles which decried the criticism of the restaurant chain's stance on marriage.

"Reasons for loving chickfila," Simpson tweeted (all tweets, as always, sic'd): "They serve humbly They say "my pleasure" Food is great Polynesian is awesome Milkshakes are awesomest" Nobody on earth can disagree with that part about the milkshakes, at least.

Simpson of course has the freedom to air his viewpoint, just as more left-leaning celebrities do. And he did so in a respectful, "here's my view" manner: "Ok friends: here's the deal. I love talking about issues with you guys in a mature non-judgmental way. I'm not judging anyone tonight." He noted that he "welcome[s]" differing viewpoints.

But, of course, "freedom of speech" does not mean "freedom from criticism about your speech," as Simpson learned from some of the replies to his tweets. "I just love to engage but not when people throw mean things out there," Simpson said in his final tweet on the matter, a nice sentiment but, on Twitter, a preciously naive one.

This incident seems minor enough, and likely won't cost Simpson any fans, though it may well win him some new ones. But you can bet that most sponsors, whose only political affiliation is that of green, will prefer their endorsers Eat Mor Chikin, Play Mor Golf and Talk Les Politiks.

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